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A night at the Rosewood

Since our little boy was born, I am sure as parents you can relate to worrying about our children’s future.  All the world problems are now in our minds and their future depends on us. I cannot help but wonder what their future will bring, and how I as a parent can make it better.

Stan and I have been blessed and able to provide for our son, and that brings us immense joy. Because of this, the joy we receive as parents seeing our child growing up in a loving environment, we want to ensure other parents can have this joy too.  We now can, thanks to you, our guests, provide help for other children. The Rosewood Country Inn has designated a portion of the proceeds from all your bookings to a charity that is near and dear to our hearts. DonorsChoose is a charity that allows individuals to donate directly to public schools. We invite you to read more about it and their mission through Charity Navigator  (    and their own website   (  ). With each booking you make, we’ll donate a portion to a teacher in New Hamphsire so they can fulfill their dream of equipping their classroom with the necessary tools needed for their students, our future, to succeed.

Keep visiting our page to hear about past and current projects that have been funded as a result of your  joining us at our lovely, historic home.

Our heartfelt thanks,

Odo, Stan, Karl and the Rosewood Country Inn staff

The Rosewood Country inn has made an initial contribution to fund a request for Bean Bags for Charlestown Primary School. This project closes on July 21st, 2016. If their teacher reaches her goal, she will be awarded her request. Please visit their DonorsChoose page to get more details and again, we want to thank YOU for making this initial contribution to them:

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There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

– John Andrew Holmes Jr., American writer and minister